.And it begins.


                  .BEWARE THE CRETINOUS.
it has come to this. the cretins and mongoloids have infiltrated our towns, our cities, even our (oh so sacred) personal space. there is no hiding from their banal existences. it is like the plagues of the dark ages. a pestilence that cannot be ignored. they bombard us with their mediocre, mundane and materialistic platitudes. their world-views are nothing but hollow and meaningless shells of selfishness and sadism. the few of us who have survived to embrace the full capacity of the intelligence bestowed upon us (furthered, no doubt, by our own esoteric musings and exoteric research) are left to deal with the wreckage of what (we hope) was a once prosperous and healthy cultural existence. no longer can we sink so low as to withstand the barrages of senseless carnage and atrophy…

“taking to the streets” has long ago failed us. we are overrun by moronic slaves to a culture that tells us that we don’t have enough. enough what? i am not sure answering that question would be so simple. even if i could answer it, the meaning would be so oblique in relation to its original implications, that i would only be feeding you (strapped down with a feeding tube shoved down you throat) nothing but subterfuge (rotten liquified meat). we are only squandering our precious time (while wasting away to nothing) attempting to “roll with the punches” and trying to “put on a happy face.” like all pestilences that have come before (and there have been many), we must hide the numinous works of our divine minds….

the only thing left is to take to the cellars.


One comment

  1. You are very much alive, out of your past life of suspension, the coffin within. Your thoughts are complex, moving and quite thought provoking. It is with extreme pleasure that I am finally reading your exquisite voice.


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