.the movement is static.

as the line between fiction and reality is sometimes so fine, it would seem as if it didn’t even exist sometimes.  the thing that is most astounding, is how we are able to perceive everything around us and enjoy the trivialities of life so much more when we sneak in that little bit of fictional mystique into our tales and nostalgic musings.  there is no such thing as a departure from the truth, when it comes to entertainment.  no-one sits around a campfire for “story time” and tells a bunch of pedestrian tales about how boring their day was.  there is that old adage that “fact is so much stranger than fiction.”  i am going to go ahead and call shenanigans on that ridiculous sentiment.  the fact is: when a little bit of fiction is mixed in, fact is all that much more enjoyable.  this isn’t to say that we should all just be telling each other lies all of the time and resorting to an Orwellian dystopia of “newspeak” and “doublethink” in all our daily affairs (and of course we have this new phenomenon of “alternative facts”).  when it comes to the daily struggles of modern man, honesty is necessary.  but when it comes to the memories of past times, they are always more interesting when we add a little bit of obscurity.  this is the beauty of stories.  they have been around since time immemorial, and their origins were no doubt to teach, as well  to entertain.


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