.having my way with them.

too much time goes by and we all tend to just forget what all has transpired that has led us to our current predicaments.  no-one wants to question any-fucking-thing.  all one has to do is; take a brief moment out of their daily endeavors in order to take a glance at why things are the way they are.  I’m pretty sure (correct me if i am wrong) that i was born completely free (and so were you).  i dont remember ever giving anyone the authority to shape the outcome of this life in a way they saw fit for me to exist.

“liberties are not given, they are taken.”

-aldous huxley

thats one of my all time favorite quotes.  most of us never gave any sort of asshole (or their regime) permission to control us.  i dont care if there is the option to “vote” for the degenerate swine who will eventually control every aspect of our beings, but is that liberty???  is that freedom?!  put it this way:  if the police took off for a week, would anything change?  probably not.  the human race isnt inherently bad!  there is only a small minority out there that will cause problems for the rest of us.  everyone is born with moral standards.  religion and government only cause problems with the way we interact with each other.  to not QUESTION EVERYTHING, is to live a life of bondage….


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