.hobo sandwhich.

back to the grindstone.  helping the “less fortunate” types in the city to perform the life sustaining activity of eating food is something that shouldn’t be neglected…  no-one should go hungry in this fine nation.  there is so much food that is thrown away everyday (mostly to rig the pricing markets through supply and demand), that if we were to only salvage a small percentage of said “waste,” we could feed most (if not all) of the starving people in our communities.  this should be an automatic response to the hunger problem that upsets the flow of everyday society.  if you only knew what is thrown in the dumpsters out back of your local; fast food joint, baker, grocery store, pizza shop, restaurant, etc., it would make you want to EAT ALL OF IT!  so don’t just sit around and let all this delicious fanfare go to the dogs…  get involved!!!!!

there is ; soup kitchens, food banks, mens/women’s shelters, missions, food not bombs…


in just about every major city in this country (and most in the world)…


(it won’t cost you a dime)


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