.in real time.

it is always getting heavier and heavier as time lapses on.  the mystery is what intrigues us.  it keeps us interested in our own realities.  nothing remains the same.  there are underlying principals to this thing, that cannot be denied, but that isnt to say we will ever fully understand these things.   everything is connected, it is something that is known throughout all the aethers of space.  nothing ever gets harder, only more understood.  lessons are learned through an understanding of past endeavors.  hold on to all of it.  dont ever forget.  not even your dreams.  they are a part of your reality, a part of my reality.  if anything, always have a record of them that you can look back on.  forgetting dreams is like forgetting a part of your reality.  even if they dont mean anything to us now, they may be well understood at a later point in time.  its all part of a bigger picture that creates for eternity….




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